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The Netherlands


“You don’t ask the Sea any questions, you just dress up for the occasion” - Douse Gaastra, Sneek 1897-

Gaastra Footwear

It was early 2015 when Star Collections obtained the official licence for Gaastra Footwear which forged a special relationship between the two Dutch companies. Gaastra's nautical roots made it even more special as there is so much rich heritage from which to draw inspiration.

So we set sail and started this adventure together, breathing new life into existing collections and building upon the great potential of our footwear category. We are set for an exciting journey as we build upon our success in existing markets.



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Gaastra Spring/Summer Campaign 2017 video

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“The awesome mood swings of the sea are feared by sailors all over the world yet her mesmerizing greatness is irresistible” – Douwe Gaastra.

Famous for making high quality yacht sails, Douwe Gaastra founded his sail making company in 1897 in Sneek. The brand Gaastra is synonymous with ultimate nautical heritage, tradition and quality, with an intense passion for sailing and the sea.

Our products are a unique mixture of functionality and fashion, with a remarkable eye for detail. Our love for the nautical world is the inspiration for every item we create.